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DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion): A credible game changer in communication

Truly living diversity also revitalises PR. DEI flows into all areas here at ikp - we have developed special tools in three fields.

In professional public relations work, it has always been important to consciously recognise and respond to all relevant target groups. Credible, sensitively communicated DEI initiatives create opportunities to attract attention, awards and also employees. On one hand, this has a positive effect on the company’s image; on the other, studies show that productivity and innovative strength also increase with the diversity of the team.

Although DEI flows into all areas of communication, we have developed special tools for our customers in three areas:


Inclusive internal communication
PR begins at home. As a start to inclusive internal communication, we offer our employee check in the form of a survey: Does everyone feel represented and included in the communication? Does binary thinking prevail, for example in the offer of incentives or events? Are there classic clichéd goodies such as chocolates and flowers for the ladies and a good bottle of wine for the men? How is information for team members organised and formulated? Are there language barriers that might exclude employees?


Employer branding
We offer in-depth DEI advice on all things recruitment – this ranges from creative and strategic input when developing concepts and campaigns to designing the employer brand. We work with our clients to consider various target groups and address them sensitively – be it on the careers page, in advertisement templates, in the documents of the onboarding process or simply in the entire external appearance of the company as an employer.


Language consulting/wording
Language shapes our reality. Have you ever thought about whether, for example, the labelling of the toilets or the wording in the onboarding process might exclude existing or potential team members? Does a candidate feel unseen if they are addressed as ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ in an email? And: Do you actually use gendered language in a meaningful and structured way?

Bringing DEI into corporate communications with ikp is well worth it, because: Authentic engagement is good for your image (internally and externally). DEI brings real benefits for companies – and their innovative strength. And communication that really engages everyone significantly improves your own communication approach.


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