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ikp Wien

Quality pioneers by conviction.

At ikp Vienna, our 20-strong team advises countless Austrian and international firms of every size, in a wide variety of industries.

This diversity is reflected in the team – from creative young minds with a range of different educational backgrounds, to experienced crisis strategists, we can put together the right team of ikp consultants for each organisation and task, delivering quantifiable results for our clients and their brands.

Strategic consulting, PR campaigns and brand communications are all part of our day-to-day work, as much as media and influencer relations or developing and executing content strategies and PR stunts. Over the years we have also built up a network of partners whose expertise we can draw on.


ikp Vienna – one of the first PR agencies to be awarded the Austrian PR Quality Sachet – is fully qualified in accordance with the international Consultancy Management Standard (CMS III), making it a genuine PR industry pioneer.


Our clients

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries and areas – from social enterprises to health care institutions and interest groups to manufacturing, commercial and industrial enterprises.


Culture &

Good strategies don’t care who develops them. We are convinced: idiosyncratic minds and independent perspectives enrich every idea, every concept and every PR action.

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