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Know-how: campaigning

Communication campaigns are at the heart of every successful marketing strategy. After all, they are supposed to be bridges that connect companies and their target groups in order to gain the trust of customers, increase brand awareness and ultimately generate sales. But how do you design a creative communication campaign that really hits the mark?



Focus on the addressees

Only those who know their “personas” can create a foundation for a fitting approach and a target group-oriented message. First, the target group is precisely defined and analyzed. This includes not only demographics such as age, gender and education level, but also psychographics such as interests, needs, values and habits.

The objectives of the campaign are clearly defined before the creation of the communication message begins. For example, do you want to increase brand awareness, raise awareness of a topic, boost sales or strengthen trust in the company? Defining the campaign objectives helps to take the right measures and measure the success of the communication campaign.


Storytelling & creativity: arouse emotions and create identification

High-quality content is becoming increasingly important. A well-told story has the power to touch people and stay in their memory for a long time. Creative storytelling in the communication campaign evokes emotions, creates identification and delivers the message in an impressive way. In a world where we are confronted with countless brand messages every day, creativity is a critical factor in a campaign’s success.


Monitoring success: keeping an eye on the campaign

Throughout the life of a communication campaign, it is essential to continuously measure the performance of the individual measures. Regular monitoring is the only way to identify early on which elements of the campaign are working particularly well and where there is potential for improvement.

To evaluate the success of the campaign, the previously defined campaign goals are measured using various key figures such as reach, engagement rate, conversion rate or sales increase.



The art of a successful communication campaign lies in the combination of a precise target group analysis, clearly defined objectives, the right strategy and a high degree of creativity. With these tips in hand, there is nothing standing in the way of an impressive communications campaign. Good luck!