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Product PR 3.0: Hands on instead of digital!

With the support of ikp Wien, Gardena demonstrates how much fun it can be to test products.

It is not as exciting as crisis communication, not as differentiated as CEO positioning and not as edgy as vlogs. And yet, it is a very important discipline in communication: product PR makes products and services visible, shows their advantages and brings them closer to editors and consumers.

It’s often best to simply test products – that’s what we did together with our customer Gardena in a very practical way, and it was fun too!

Successful product PR increases awareness, builds image and trust – not only in the products themselves, but also in brands and manufacturers. Product PR is not to be confused with product advertising. The content usually tells stories of use and application and connects them with the brand personality as well as, if possible, with references or even reviews from customers. The channels must also fit the brand without distracting from the product and has to focus on the unique selling points.

Press releases, which are usually prepared separately for B2B and B2C media, are tried and tested classics. Product PR is also implemented at trade fairs and events and, of course, in blog posts, videos or infographics. Product PR also means testing it yourself, giving people the opportunity to form their own opinion and putting applications or devices through their paces.

This is what we did for our client Gardena with product tests. Interested media representatives were able to try out gardening tools for themselves – while cutting hedges together, removing branches or even freeing roughly soiled areas from leaves and mud. Often, product tests are also carried out in editorial offices, where we actively offer loan tools. Media proactively approach us with requests for test tools as well and can form their own opinion in a practical test.


From “Strawberry Fields Forever” to simple, spicy, home-grown
These product tests are also continued in workshops – Gardena has been offering an exciting look at its product range for several years. Under the motto “Strawberry Fields Forever”, editors planted strawberry plants in balcony boxes at the “City Farm Augarten” and got to know some Gardena watering solutions, as well as the “SchnippSchnapp” scissors or tools such as gloves or planting mats. Culinary strawberry treats included.

Last year, the path to a self-sufficient garden began step by step. The focus of the workshop: How to garden sustainably with the new EcoLine products.

A study commissioned by Gardena at the beginning of the year showed that balconies, patios and gardens are increasingly becoming self-supply areas in times of crisis and inflation. In the current workshop, people were able to get a taste of self-processing – which was demonstrated with product innovations. The idea was born at Gardena’s own premises: the herb workshop was not only dedicated to harvesting, but above all to processing. Therefore, healthy delicacies were produced together with health and raw food expert Michaela Russmann who gave valuable tips and tricks for processing herbs as well.


Checking product news yourself in a practical test
How does a device feel in my hand, is it practical, do I like the surface, which shape suits me personally? It’s best to try it out for yourself. If it’s fun to handle, all the better – and your nose and palate won’t miss out either. Because the new herb and garden shears from Gardena came into play while they tried them out themselves, and the dishes made with the harvested herbs were then eaten together. Delicious!

The information about the new pruning range was supplemented with the three newly developed balcony sets in different categories, with food for thought provided by easy-to-understand infographics. Want to try it out for yourself? If you want to be amazed at how good frozen cakes or unbaked falafels taste, click here for the recipes: https://www.rohgenuss.at/rezepte/


Do you need support with product PR? Always happy to ask the team of experts at ikp Vienna!


Titelbild: © Gardena