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CSRD in business practice

Companies should introduce processes promptly in order to fulfil EU directive requirements effectively.

DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion): A credible game changer in communication

Truly living diversity also revitalises PR. DEI flows into all areas here at ikp - we have developed special tools…

CSRD: It’s five Minutes to Midnight

Due to the CSRD Companies must prepare for more complex sustainability reports.

Promoting Innovation: The Role of Diversity and Inclusion

Awareness of the benefits of diverse teams and an inclusive working environment has grown considerably in recent years.

Let’s talk about it: The importance of PR dialogue in the 2024 super-election-year

Dialogue as the key to communicative success. How to achieve a constructive dialogue with stakeholders?

The Limitations of AI: Stereotypes in Image Generation

Artificial intelligence as an unbiased "miracle cure"? Midjourney tested for bias

Greenwashing and credibility: New regulations and first convictions

The first verdicts against greenwashing have already been handed down in Austria, but the EU is about to tighten the…

Authenticity and trust from within the company

With the right strategy and implementation, employee advocacy can be a powerful tool in the digital world.

Two Decades of ikp Quality Certification: New Recertification With PR Quality Mark

In 2023, ikp celebrates 20 years of quality certification, which is now even in accordance with the CMS4 standard -…

PR in Digital Change: What is the Future of the Industry?

The European Communication Monitor provides insight into future perspectives and current challenges of the PR industry.

Between Appearance and Reality ‒ Authenticity as a Communicative Success Factor

Authenticity is a central component of credible communication. But how can it be implemented in PR practice?

Penmanship 2.0: Prompt engineering for text success

Prompt engineering can make writing and ideation processes more efficient. However, some rules have to be observed for this.

Agenda-Surfing: the role of short-termism in communication

In our digital world, trends spread like a wildfire. Speed has taken on an unprecedented importance in communication.

PR from A to Z: A tour through the linguistic labyrinth of the communication world

From A for agenda setting to Z for target group analysis - as communicators we deal with many aspects of…

Product PR 3.0: Hands on instead of digital!

With the support of ikp Wien, Gardena demonstrates how much fun it can be to test products.

ikp Vienna wins SME category at the Austrian Business Excellence Award

The PR agency from Museumstrasse was deemed the best organization in the category "small and companies" in the federal award.

Happy Pride Month – Is that enough?

Effective diversity and inclusion should be lived year-round - avoiding mere lip service during Pride month in June.

Why user-generated content can inspire and challenge businesses

Word of Mouth in the Digital Era? User-generated content represents the digital implementation of personal recommendation.

Customer engagement in the post-cookie era: when the data source dries up

With the end of third-party cookies, companies are moving back to the roots and developing their own data warehouse solutions.

Access All Areas: Accessibility as the key to website success

Develop new target groups through accessible websites

Metaverse: The future of communication or just a short hype?

The metaverse has been on everyone's lips for a few years now: How will the digital trend affect our communication…

Know-how: campaigning

The newsroom through the ages: From open-plan office to virtual space

The classic newsroom has changed. The key topics of today's communication center are: content first & digital!

Gamification: The playful way to communicate

Game elements in communication create and hold attention - this has potential for PR.