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Award-winning Architecture and Construction Magazines

Corporate Publishing

Schöck and Saint-Gobain develop and produce superior solutions for high-quality buildings in various segments. Their customer magazines anchor a wide range of topics in the minds of architects, planners and property developers, for instance, impact sound insulation, fibreglass, living comfort, etc. The focus is not on the products but on the exciting possibilities of architecture and planning.

The editorial quality, design and layout are intended to be on the same level as the three most important trade magazines in the sector and aim to engage in dialogue with customers.



Schöck and Saint-Gobain Austria



Award-winning architecture and construction magazines



WEISS: Ongoing since 2015, TragWerk: 2017 - 2019

Services Strategy

  • Idea, concept, title and design of the magazines
  • Installation of a client-side working group

Services Content

  • Development of focus topics
  • Editorial plan for several issues per year
  • Editing and text
  • Photo editing
  • Layout
  • Production management

Services Channels

  • Designed mailing with accompanying letter
  • Illustration on website


  • Increase in circulation over many years
  • Increase in the number of pages
  • Increase in the number of visits to the online version