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Facts, Facts, Facts: Research PR for EY

Corporate Communications

Competence proven by facts, figures and data – as a Big 4 consultancy, EY has broad economic expertise across all sectors. An annual fix for leading media: the EY SME Barometer, for which 800 SMEs in Austria are surveyed on the business situation and current risk factors.

To occupy a leading position in strategically relevant topics and to raise the profile of EY experts–these are the goals of our longstanding work for EY. How? With proactive media work and quick cycles on exciting global, GSA or Austrian studies. On average, we create more than 100 press releases and initiate 30 exclusive placements or expert interviews every year. The mini campaign for the SME Barometer always runs at the beginning of the year.



EY (formerly Ernst & Young)



Facts, facts, facts: Research PR for consultants



Annual, support for the media relations of EY since 2012

Services Strategy

  • Mini campaign with the aim of achieving broad and high-quality media coverage
  • Media-appropriate presentation of three aspects of the study as thematic pillars: economic situation, digitalisation, shortage of skilled workers
  • Regionalisation of the content per state

Services Content

  • Press releases
  • State factsheets
  • Talking points for interviews
  • Journalist relations and pitching

Services Channels

  • Advance mailing to key media such as APA, Die Presse, etc. with embargo period
  • Wide distribution of three national press releases to print, online, TV journalists
  • Personalised information for regional key media with additional key figures for the state
  • Selection, proposal and approach of suitable media representatives & organisation of interviews


  • At least eight one-on-one interviews with VN, TT, Kleine Zeitung, OÖN, SN and the current Prio 1 media every year
  • Broad and high-quality media footprint in quality media; around 30 major media reports per year in total
  • Strengthening of personal media relations
  • Active requests from the media for the next issue of the study