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Crisis (Management) in the Care Sector

Crisis communication

Shortage of skilled workers, ageing population, multimorbidity: Especially in the care sector, crisis situations such as accidents, contagious diseases, theft or defamation cannot be completely avoided – and attract a lot of media attention. The golden rule: Good preparation and a quick, objective response help to master crises.

As early as 2004, we started a crisis prevention process for SeneCura, which was awarded the Best Practice Award. To this day, we support the leading Austrian operator of nursing homes and health care facilities in crisis communications. Our activities are based on the crisis strategy defined at the time and, in addition to consulting, include media statements, interview preparations, press releases, but also stakeholder information of all kinds.



SeneCura Kliniken- und HeimebetriebsgmbH



Crisis (management) in the care sector



Start of a comprehensive crisis prevention process in 2004 – responsible for ongoing crisis communications to date

Services Strategy

  • Conception of a multi-stage prevention process
  • Development of strategic cornerstones such as the inclusion of all functions and the active cooperation of executives
  • Scaling of crisis management tools to make them easy to implement at all locations
  • Consideration of regional conditions despite a common approach
  • Involving SeneCura stakeholders in administration and politics in the process
  • Strategic advice on current crisis incidents and implementation of all related communications activities

Services Content

  • Design and implementation of multi-level crisis workshops
  • Development of instruments for prevention & communication
  • Question/answer catalogues and statements for relevant crisis topics
  • Documentation of processes, checklists, information chains, etc.
  • Templates for media enquiries, communication with relatives, etc.
  • Modular crisis manuals for each location
  • Media training and coaching for spokespersons

Services Channels

  • Distribution of the crisis manuals in written form and online for all regions/locations
  • Conception and organisation of an annual meeting on the topic of crisis communication
  • Presentation on the topic of crisis communications at the SeneCura Forum, an annual expert conference, as a symbolic conclusion to the crisis prevention process
  • Ongoing media relations and stakeholder communication


  • Rapid response to any crisis – within max. 1 hour
  • Clear procedures, spokesperson functions and responsibilities
  • Specific crisis manual for each location
  • Up-to-date questionnaires on care, financing, staffing, etc.
  • Factual information in the event of a crisis
  • Trustful cooperation with public stakeholders even in difficult times
  • Rapid updating in the event of an emergency (e.g., Corona pandemic)



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