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Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg, Fachgruppe Finanzdienstleister

Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg, Fachgruppe Finanzdienstleister

We position Salzburg’s financial service providers as competent experts in the financial sector.

People have different interests depending on their age and life situation. We adapt the financial theme of the campaign to the realities of each generation. The portfolio ranges from classic press work, advertorials, media cooperations, a social media campaign, video clips/reels, online consultation hours, information columns in print media and information guide contributions on ORF. Individual industry spokespeople are featured as experts – names and expertise gain reach and recognition.



Salzburg's financial service



It's worth asking! Financial Service Providers Section – the independent and certified experts in the financial sector.



since Oktober 2022


  • Concept and idea
  • Campaign strategy according to target group needs
  • Analysis of target groups & requirements
  • Media collaboration TV & print
  • Media training

Services Content

  • Media relations
  • Print ads and columns
  • Content management for social media, blog, newsletter, website
  • Photo/video editing and filming
  • Visualization & graphics

Services Channels

  • Media relations
  • Social media and community management


  • Increased awareness and positive image
  • Increased understanding and knowledge of financial issues
  • Positioned experts as knowledgeable resource
Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg, Fachgruppe Finanzdienstleister